Ice House Pub

408 Tamiami Trail North
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
(941) 575-0866

Darts at the IceHouse

Dartboards as far as the eye can seeThe sport of darts. Not much can top tossing sharp pointy pieces of metal at a target. Unless of course, you throw into the mix fine food, drink and conversation. If you have been to the Icehouse Pub & Restaurant, you know what we are talking about. If not, stop on by and check out the scene.

On any given night, friends and family congregate to the back of the spacious historic building, originally built as an ice storage unit during the booming fishing industry in the late 1800s. There, you will find 10 regulation sized dart boards. From lawyers to laborers, financiers to fisherman, the Icehouse Pub offers a unique atmosphere to unwind and have a little fun and competition tossing darts.

Whether you are a world famous dart tosser, or simply want to learn how to play, the knowledgeable Icehouse staff is always available for a pointer or two. There is even a dart store located within the pub.

But be warned, many who have never tossed a dart before often get bit by the “dart bug” after their first go at it. Once bitten, you may find yourself randomly thinking about dart strategy and logic.

“It happened to me. I never knew anything about the sport of darts. Next thing I knew I was working on my tossing technique in front of the mirror at home. I even went out and purchased a set of custom darts.”
said Icehouse Pub patron and Charlotte Sun sports writer Lee Anderson.

Leagues are available to all types. Men can take a break each Tuesday in the Men's League. Women can have their day each Monday in the Women's League. Or if you feel like tossing caution into the wind, men and women can compete each Wednesday in the Mixed League.

Come to the Icehouse Pub for fine food, drink, conversation and of course, darts.

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